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Graduation Regalia
Graduation Regalia

Sigma Lambda Chi International Construction Honor Society
Member of the Association of College Honor Societies

Welcome to Sigma Lambda Chi's Merchandise Pages

We have several items offered on these pages for our Sigma Lambda Chi members. They are divided into three categories.

The first category, Graduation Regalia, contains those items our graduating members like to wear on graduation day. You can click on any of them to view them more closely and to read a brief description. The second category, Logo Merchandise, contains a variety of useful, wearable, or keepsake items, all containing the words Sigma Lambda Chi, the Greek letters ΣΛΧ, or the Society Emblem. The third category, Chapter Regalia, contains those items that chapters may want to use in their installation ceremony or for permanent display in their construction department.

All items can be worn or used at Sigma Lambda Chi functions and events, or at business or service activities. They can be purchased by individual chapter members or by chapters. Purchasing several items at a time would help limit shipping charges. Thanks for visiting our Merchandise pages, and please feel free to advise SLC if you have suggestions for additional items that could be offered here.

****************************************************************** ATTENTION ******************************************************************

The “Retail Shipping Cost” is only to be applied for an order of a single cord , medallion, pin or certificate. It is a 6 x 9.5 bubble envelope or 9 x 11 flat. You may accrue additional fees if it does not fit!